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Water Treatment Products

Our vision is for a world where clean, safe drinking water and sanitation is readily available to all.

We were founded on the premise that by providing the best quality water purification and sanitation we could save lives, reduce diseases, and improve the quality of life throughout the world. The mission of Optimum Holdings is to provide an environmentally-positive answer to the global water and sanitation crisis by introducing our FOR LIFE products. With a large amount of the earth's water unsafe for human consumption and an equal amount of the world's population without proper sanitation, the FOR LIFE products will improve the quality of life to those most in need. In areas of the world where water shortage is not a problem but the cleanliness of water is, our FOR LIFE products provides a cheaper, eco-friendly, and more viable alternative.

For Life - Water Purifier Sachets

  1. For Life Water Purifying Sachets is a powder that comes in easy to use sachets
  2. At For Life our objective is to provide safe drinking water at affordable prices while being mindful of the environment with our biodegradable sachet material.
  3. For Life Water Purifier is a powder that comes in affordable, easy to use sachets. It combines flocculation and dissinfection to produce clean drinking water.
  4. For Life is an all in one treatment and purification system.
  5. The product kills bacteria and viruses in polluted water also removing dirt, pollutants and heavy metals. For Life Water Purifier is simple to use making the water drinkable after only 30 minutes.
  6. A single sachet treats 20 litres / 5 gallons of water