ERS Solutions

IT LOGIX India Private Limited (ITL) proprietary ERS solution is built on advanced technologies, scalable design & architecture, domain specific standard process- functionalities, standard algorithms & protocols, operational support systems enrich features & user-friendly interactive options. Our ERS solution enables the operations for delivery of service, real time control over a service in progress, centralized monitoring & operational cost optimization.

ERS Solution Composition

ERS solution is an integrated pack of application systems including modules for EMS Incident recording, Computer aided triage, Resource dispatch, Emergency physician care, as core processes supported by Fleet Management and Live Ambulance tracking GIS integration. Our solution platform is seamlessly integrated with Telecom CTI Interfaces, Voice Logger, GIS, Ambulance Tracking, SMS/Email Gateways & Mobile Application systems.

Telephony Solution Components

  1. Computer Telephony Interface
  2. Voice Logger

Core Solution Components

  1. GIS maps enabled Emergency Response Centre
  2. Integrated Emergency assessment protocols system
  3. Integrated pre-Arrival instructions
  4. Automated and integrated Emergency Triage protocols System
  5. ERC integrated with police protocols
  6. ERC integrated with Fire Protocols
  7. ERC integrated Email and SMS Gateway
  8. Dispatch Load Balance Engines
  9. ERC integrated Trip Tracking system
  10. Enabled with Rich GIS features

GIS / GPS / GPRS Solution Components

  1. GIS Maps
  2. GPS / GPRS/4G Tracking System

Value add ERSS Support Systems

  1. User Access Management system
  2. Fleet Management system
  3. Ambulance Tracking System
  4. Supply Chain Management System
  5. Workforce Management system
  6. ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Record)
  7. Citizen Mobile App with Location Enabled
  8. Mobile Application for Paramedic
  9. MIS Reporting System
  10. IT Help Desk System
  11. Asset Management system

Our value addition

Technologically integrated end – end service management

  1. Advanced Technology enabled end to end centralized Emergency Response Center (ERC) with real time monitoring and controlling throughout the life cycle of emergency management (end-to-end) with high availability features enabled system with 99% uptime.
  2. Tight integration with Medical, Police, Fire Fighting, and other Departments & the necessary real-time coordination between them and the corresponding supporting functions like Workforce management, Fleet management, supply chain management, real time Ambulance tracking etc.
  3. Integration: Capability of integrating with the hospital network, blood banks and tele-medicine.
  4. Real-time status monitoring of the ambulance and the patient from the central response center using Ambulance tracking viewer system.

Standard Operating Procedures to provide pre-hospital care

  1. Standard emergency procedures to contextualize and integrate into the ERC system
  2. Interface for creating customized protocols
  3. The expert Emergency Physician doctor’s real time assistance to the EMT while in-transport through a mobile phone connection.
  4. Computer enabled Pre-Hospital Medical Triage and standard pre-arrival instructions to the caller/victim such that the service starts right from the time of incidence sense.

Mobile technologies for service effectiveness

  1. Mobile phone-based solution for asynchronous communication between central response center and EMT/ambulance without disturbing the service but not compromising on the necessary documentation and recording the progress of service.
  2. Wireless Data Connection based communication for updating the ambulance status through mobile phone solution with SMS communication as a fall back.

Centralised management of ambulance

  1. Functionalities and Processes to manage the fleet geographically spread in various locations including alerting on schedule maintenance, breakdown notifications, release / hold control, etc..

Pre-hospital Care

  1. Record easy system of care provided to patient/victim while in-transport to health facility using ePCR system.

Secured access of the system

  1. Single sign-on, role based login of the overall system controlled & administered within Access Management

Automation of managing workforce

  1. Workforce Management system to make automatic configuration of duty roasters & integrated with attendance management system and payroll system.

Single record management

  1. Automatic retrieval of end to end case details of the caller/patient tagged with both voice & data

Configurable duty roaster with leave management automated by Workforce Management

Customized IT support system

  1. Easy to use ticketing system with issue tracking & control using centralised IT Helpdesk software

Value proposition

  1. ITL has got rich experience and expertise in managed service delivery of emergency and health management areas. It helps emergency systems to deliver benefits to:


  1. 24X7 access to Emergency Response Center – Just a call away
  2. Enables quickest reach time for an ambulance
  3. Immediate assessment of medical emergency by in-house emergency physician.
  4. Identifying appropriate health facility to save victim’s life
  5. Availability of patient’s vitals before reaching hospital
  6. Medical history of the patient helps in pre-preparations

ERS service providers – Ambulance and Response centres

  1. Improved productivity at response centre
  2. Optimized fleet management
  3. Technology systems like mobile applications for operational costs optimization
  4. Care on wheels