PalmKey is a contactless palm vein pattern authentication technology using a Fujitsu Sensor that uses vascular patterns as personal identification data. Vein recognition technology is secure because the authentication data exists inside the body and is therefore very difficult to forge by means of photography, voice recording or finger prints. This makes the PalmKey biometric authentication more secure than other methods.

PalmKey authentication works by comparing the pattern of veins in the palm (which appears as blue lines) of a person being authenticated with a pattern stored in a database. Vascular patterns are unique to each individual.

Palm Vein based biometric authentication systems use near infrared rays to penetrate into the palm and look for the presence of De窶塵xidized hemoglobin which creates a vein pattern. The preregistered user has to place their palm over the sensor which captures live vein patterns and then matches those with stored data and authenticates the user.